Facebook Messenger Adds New AR Capabilities for Group Video Calls

While existing effects can only be applied to one user, group effects affect all group members at the same time. It can be a simple filter or an interactive multiplayer game.
Group Effects is a new feature now available in Facebook Messenger and Messenger Rooms, allowing users to interact with various AR functions during group video calls.
Users will be able to create group chats using filters or AR effects together.
The effects will soon appear for group calls on Instagram.
Group effects will allow users to play multiplayer interactions with friends by making group video calls with filters for sharing.
Group effects are based on the new Spark AR Multipeer API, which has been expanded to allow creators to develop more complex interactive features, including group interactions.
At the time of writing, there are more than 70 effects available, including a mini-game with hamburger stacking, as well as a virtual cat that explores a video call during a chat.
Users can access group effects by tapping on the smiley face during a call and then selecting “Group Effects”.
So far, many AR effects have been customized, such as adding photos or videos for Stories or Reels, so it will be interesting to see what the creators have come up with to create new, innovative ways for multiple people to connect through a shared extended real-world experience.

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