Facebook has launched an application for working in virtual reality using the Oculus Quest 2 headset

In it, you can create your own avatar or join via video, hold meetings and presentations.

Facebook has launched an open beta version of the free Horizon Workrooms app — it works with Oculus Quest 2 VR helmets in all countries.
“Workrooms is our first experience developed from scratch, where hands are used as the main control tool, not controllers,” said Mike Lebeau, the application developer.
Inside the application, you can create workrooms and transfer any information from the computer. During the meeting, you can take notes, show the screen to colleagues.
In the application, you need to create your own avatar and speak through a microphone, and people will hear the sound as if they are sitting in the same room.
You can pin images from your computer to the workboard and write something in real time. Boards can be saved and exported as images to a computer.
Rooms can be of different sizes depending on the size of the group.
Those who do not have a VR headset can connect via a video call. You can invite guests using the link. In VR mode, up to 16 people can participate in a meeting, in video call mode — up to 50.
There is a chat for exchanging links and files with colleagues, synchronization with the calendar for automatically sending invitations.
How to connect
New work teams need to register on workrooms.com. You can log in using a link from colleagues.
After creating an account, you can download the Horizon Workrooms app from the Oculus Store and connect the headset.
Facebook said that it will not store and use information from work conversations and images for advertising. Other participants will not be able to see the user’s screen until he allows it.
Microsoft has an application for collaboration in mixed reality. Mesh allows multiple people to communicate in a single virtual space that overlaps with the real world.

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