She wants to be associated not with the social network, but with the “metaverse”.

This was announced by Mark Zuckerberg at the presentation of Facebook Connect. He said that the company will develop a metaverse – a virtual world in which all available technologies and devices will be combined.
The main goal of the metaverse is to connect people and help them communicate, Zuckerberg believes. In such a virtual world, it will be possible to meet each other in the form of avatars, and all content from the real world will be viewed in the form of holograms.
Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp will continue to be developed by Meta, while simultaneously developing the “metaverse”.
Before the renaming, the company covered the “laika” image installed in front of the headquarters with a canvas. Now the Meta logo is depicted instead.
Meta Technical Director Andrew Bosworth said that the transition from the Oculus Quest VR headset brand to Meta Quest and from Oculus App to Meta Quest App will begin in 2022. Facebook Reality Labs studio will return to the name Reality Labs.
In July 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will focus on working on virtual reality, where users will be able to live, work and relax. In October, the company said it would hire 10,000 employees in Europe to work on the “metaverse” for five years.

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