Facebook has assessed the toxicity of users for the first time

Facebook has revealed data on the prevalence of bullying and harassment on its platform for the first time. According to the estimates of the administration of the social network, content of this kind was encountered from 14 to 15 times for every 10,000 views at the end of the third quarter.
Instagram Facebook estimates that this kind of content is much rarer on the Instagram platform — from 5 to 6 times per 10,000 views. At the moment, the company is under the scrutiny of the public and government agencies after an informant and former employee Frances Haugen published documents according to which Instagram poses a potential threat to the psyche of teenage users, and the management is aware of this.
According to Haugen, the documents submitted to her confirm that the company neglects the security of users in favor of financial results. Therefore, the public called on Meta to be more transparent about incidents of bullying and harassment on its platforms, as well as how the company combats such manifestations. According to Facebook, in most cases it manages to detect such behavior on its own, without the participation of users who have the opportunity to file complaints. Of the 9.2 million pieces of content removed for bullying and harassment, in 59.4% of cases, the company worked on its own.

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