Facebook banned sharing news from Australia — local media lost 30% of traffic from abroad

If the shutdown continues, users will be able to adapt, but casual readers will simply miss the news.

On February 17, the Australian government passed a bill that requires technology companies to pay for the use of media news in their services. After that, Facebook banned the sharing of news to users from Australia.
Within hours of the ban, Australian media lost about 13% of traffic from Australia and about 30% of traffic from abroad, ABC News reports, citing Chartbeat data. This tool tracks the number of readers of the news and where they went to it.
The Facebook outage led to a decline in traffic, and overall Australian traffic did not move to other platforms, writes Neiman Lab.
If this shutdown continues, readers can adapt to the situation. For example, they will visit the newspaper’s website more often or subscribe to a newsletter, the newspaper writes.
But a casual reader on Facebook — and this is the majority of users, since news accounts for only about 4% of the regular feed-can completely miss the news, the publication reports.

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