Red Rugs Add A Romantic Appeal To Your Bedroom

Red, a sacred satanic shade, has emerged as the latest color combination in the interior decoration industry. Scientifically speaking, this red color signifies blood. It is symbolic of passionate love, vitality and life. It strengthens your will power, enhances your romance factor and overcomes sexual dysfunctions. It is a suitable color theme for the newlyweds. If you already have crimson curtains, bed sheets and wall paints inside your bedroom, try adding a red rug to your floors. A cozy red rug will not only add an appealing charm to your decor but also, provide comfort and warmth to your feet.

Several Persian carpets adorn the souks today. They are handloom as well as machine made. These delightful door mats and room rugs are crafted using cotton and woolen fibers. They are available in vibrant shades, trendy looks and special shapes and sizes. If you want something different and unique for your bedroom, you must try the famous “Momeni collection”. This trendy brand offers several beautiful carpets for indoor as well as outdoor use.

This article deals with some wonderful crimson and cherry colored works of art that are easily accessible in the present day markets.

1. New Wave Bubble Gum
This “New Wave” collection is inspired by the designs belonging to the twentieth century. Elegant strokes and designs from the “Vienna secession” (1920), “Art Deco” (1930) and “Abstract Expressionism” (1950), have been utilized in creating this contemporary carpet. Funky color shades impart a charming appeal to this product.

Specially crafted by the expert artisans, these fresh and innovative mats are composed using the finest quality Chinese wools. They posses a softness, splendor and a dazzling shine. This is a matchless piece of the entire collection. It costs worth $100.

2. Lil Mo Designer
“East meets West”. This stunning rug is made using top-quality Chinese wool. These handmade rugs feature bold shades and contemporary designs. The central symbols portray a group of Chinese alphabets and Asian letters. Special kind of embroidery on this carpet adds a charismatic charm and richness to the blood red background. This “Made-in-China” piece costs worth $259.

These miraculous carpets beautifully fit your walls and floorboards. You can use them to conceal the scratches and scuffs of your old wooden floors. Also, you may establish them on your baby pink walls.

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