Extra Cost For A DUI – Read On.

Have you ever done something really stupid and then regretted it? Most people that drink and drive get behind the wheel not thinking of the consequences. However, the consequences of driving under the influence can go on longer than actually getting in the car.

Driving under the influence of alcohol happens more often than people might think. You may be driving along the road and not even realize that someone around you is driving drunk.

Often, people drive under the influence of alcohol but don’t get caught. More and more people are making the careless choice of getting behind the wheel after drinking. However, the consequences are colossal, and can go on long after you get caught.

If you drink and then get behind a wheel you run the risk of hurting yourself or others, and getting a ticket. By getting a DUI placed against your record, many unwanted things may happen. You may get into an accident. Criminal charges can be filed if you hurt someone, which may result jail time. The DUI goes on your driving record. This makes your insurance rates increase, and it takes a long time to get this removed. So, think before you drink and drive, because if you get caught you pay for it a long time. One night can cost you your life.

If you get a DUI marked against your license, insurance companies are signaled. This raise your insurance rates because they feel you are a driving risk. When you are renewing your policy or get a new policy, insurance companies require a driving record. If this driving record shows a DUI, they will issue points against you and your insurance premiums will go up because you are now considered a risk.

Once you are classified as a risk, it is hard to get rid of that mark. If you made the choice of driving under the influence, you are likely to repeat that action. The next DUI you get you could kill or critically injure yourself or someone else. Your higher rates mean that the insurance company now knows that if this happens, they have enough to cover any accident or wreck that may occur.

Some insurance companies make you file a SR-22 once you receive a DUI. This states that you have enough insurance coverage to protect you in case of an accident. This means that if you decide to drive while impaired and hurt someone or get into an accident, you have the insurance that your state requires by law.

The next time you want to drink, make sure you have a designated driver or you plan on getting a cab, because the consequences are stern.

Drinking under the influence can not only hurt you but others as well!

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