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Many miles from Los Angeles, yet still in California, a wilderness paradise awaits lovers of wild nature. Vacation rentals Yosemite has to offer allow visitors to fully explore a wonderland of foxtail pines and western junipers; bobcats and black bears. Listen to the rattle of an acorn woodpecker looking for food by day; follow the silhouette of a great owl by twilight. Follow the paths of rivers; feel the spray of spectacular waterfalls bubbling as they land.

Your accommodation will place you either within the gates of the park or close enough for an easy hike or drive. Look out for cabins, condos and luxury chalet-style dwellings. These provide space for intimate escapes or larger parties, such as family reunions. Bring groceries plus a few recipe ideas.

For example, a three story villa from Yosemite Lodgings would perhaps suit groups looking for high end comfort after a full day of hiking. This could mean having a soaker tub for easing sore muscles. Groups might appreciate the benefits of a well appointed kitchen for taking turns with the cuisine. They offer smaller rentals too, so check what they have available.

Scenic Wonders, another rental organization, offers condos, cottages and chalet-style homes. Get one with a jacuzzi and spa in the event you head out for many miles before realizing you have to walk all that way back again. You will want to soak those blisters.

For supper, fire up your barbecue on fine days for a savory steak and potato meal. On the other hand, cook up cuisine for your friends, taking turns of course. One will cook, the others can watch videos from the VCR library. Some rentals are appointed with disabled access.

The Redwoods in Yosemite makes every effort to encourage visitors to come back year after year. Though Yosemite Park may be your idea of the perfect destination, your accommodation can still be comfortable. Choose from basic to home style amenities.

Mainly a visit to this location revolves around Yosemite National Park itself, but that does not mean you must decline every possible luxury. Book the rental with a dishwasher and save your energy for outdoor pursuits. Opt for accommodation with washing machine and dryer if you can. This could come in handy if you brave any inclement weather the wilderness might send your way or bring dirt-attracting children along for the holiday.

vacation rentals Yosemite

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