When you travel in Africa you’ll probably go at least part of the distance on SAA. You will be pleased to learn that you can make your reservations for SAA flights online from your home or office.

Manage My Reservations is a site that allows you keep track of your reservations, make changes, add information and add requests for meals or seat changes and check your flight status. Here you can also look at your itinerary. You can also download and print it or Email it.

One of the greatest conveniences SAA offer is online check-in. You can choose your seat and look at a diagram of the plane to see where your seat is located. You can print your own boarding pass for most locations. You can even check in for your connecting flight or your return flight. If you are traveling with an infant keep in mind that the baby will need a separate boarding pass. Even though the baby doesn’t need a seat and therefore no ticket a boarding pass is required for security purposes

Anyone traveling with a baby should be aware that a separate boarding pass will be required for the infant. Babes in arms don’t need a ticket because they don’t require a seat. However a boarding pass is required by security to keep a record of who is on the plane.

At most of the airports SAA serves if you have a printed boarding pass and just carry-on luggage you can go straight to security without stopping at any desks. If you have additional luggage you can take it to one of the baggage drop-off desks where it will be tagged and delivered to the plane.

Baggage allowance is 22 pounds in economy class, 44 in business and 88 in First class.

Passengers are allowed to carry one transparent zip lock bag containing bottles or tubes no larger than 100ml of liquids and semi liquids. These liquids may include beverages, cosmetics, lotions, toothpaste, hair gel etc.

SAA has the standard list of dangerous items that are forbidden and you should take a look at it if you were planning to take some fire works to your young relatives. If you normally carry pepper spray, mace or tear gas for personal protection leave it home. It isn’t even allowed in checked baggage.

Guns can be transported but must be checked through the firearms desk. Each weapon must be in a locked case separate from other luggage and separate from the ammunition. Ammunition, properly contained can be packed in checked luggage.

Plan to have a great trip. Whether you’re going to Gambia, Cameroon, Kenya or Ethiopia or any of their many other destinations SAA employees are working hard to ensure that all SAA flights are safe and comfortable.

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