Explaining The Nature And Symptoms Of Depression

Depression is a disease than can affect anyone at nearly any age. It can be hard to diagnose. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a person is going through a temporary sadness or is truly clinically depressed.

Adults that suffer from depression experience a variety of negative feelings, including sadness, guilt, hopelessness, worthlessness, anxiety, irritability, fatigue and helplessness. They may lose interest in things they’ve loved or activities they enjoyed. Their memory might lapse or they may have trouble concentrating. Often they have a tough time making decisions.

Depression isn’t always easy to detect. A casual observer may not be able to pick up on the warning signs or sense a problem. To make matters worse, those suffering from depression are often in denial.

The symptoms of depression in children are similar to what adult’s experience. This includes crankiness, irritability and a loss of interest in their favorite past times and friends. They may turn away from foods or games they used to like.

If your child complains of ailments like headaches or stomachaches and has trouble in school. They may have trouble getting up for school and once their there they may not pay attention or act out.

Children suffering from depression may turn to music to reinforce the negative feelings they are having. They may talk about running away or committing suicide. They may attempt both.

Depression is something people should be aware of because of the effects it can have on the sufferer. Pay attention to the warning signs and see if anyone you love is displaying them.

Sometimes pivotal moments in someone’s life will trigger depression. This can include a death, abuse, an attack or experience a disaster like hurricane Katrina. Be sure to keep your eyes open if anyone you know is going through a hard time. You may be able to get them help before it’s too late.

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