Expert urged to remove “very dangerous” app from smartphone

According to Zach Doffman, we are talking about malicious software, thanks to which there is a data leak.

In a Forbes article, information security expert Zach Doffman called on users to remove a “very dangerous” app from their smartphones. According to the expert, thanks to malicious software, data leaks occur. The number of victims is already estimated at millions of users around the world.
Zach Doffman notes that we are talking about a set of paid and free SuperVPN utilities. As an example, the expert cites a message from the CyberNews group. Its researchers announced the sale of personal information and data on mobile devices of customers of the specified software, as well as the services GeckoVPN and ChatVPN. The expert stressed that the owners of smartphones need to immediately get rid of malware.
The security expert recommends installing VPN applications for phones of well-known developers and not using dubious free programs.

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