Excellent Low Cost Radar Detector

At first, I was skeptical about how much a $40 detector could accomplish, but after a few recent trips driving across America, the Pacific Digital radar detector has proved to me that it can get the job done. I’ve decided to share some of my thoughts about this product with you:

The two blue LED’s are a great innovation, because you can easily see them out of the corner of your eye. This is extremely useful when your radio drowns out the audible signals, or when the sun washes out the primary letter warning lights. It is also isn’t distracting at all.

Although it does not have the features of the top of the line detectors (coiled power cord, voice alert, text readout, settings save, compass, etc), it has at its core the most important feature: the essential detection ability to provide enough caution for the driver. This price cannot be beat anywhere.

Thanks to an overwhelmingly comprehensive database, the Pacific Digital detector has the ability to alert you of speed cameras, red light cameras, and common speed traps across North America. The database is frequently updated, and you’re provided with three months of downloadable updates for free.

Performance is on par with my inexpensive Cobra detector, and the alerts are less disruptive. There are awesome multiple city modes that have the ability to disable X-band entirely. The Blue LED “periscope” indicators really catch the corner of your eye, but become annoying with prolonged indications, such as when a patrol car is directly in front of you (you’ve got to be careful in those situations). There is no DIM/Night Mode for some reason, which is odd. This one does identify other detectors nearby, which increases the false positives. It’s a great value and I’m very happy with my purchase.

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