Exactly What You Should Know About The Stunning Attraction Of Santarem

Santarm is a city within the Santarm Municipality in Portugal. The city has a population of 28,760 and also the whole town has 64,124 inhabitants. It’s the capital of the Santarm District. The distinct town features many stunning buildings showing testament to its past significance. Within the center of the old town is a 17th Century Igreja do Seminrio.

Santarm is known as the country’s bullfighting capital, and surrounding e town are rich pastures grazing bulls and horses. This stands out as the biggest agricultural fair of its kind in Portugal and the town became a lively crowded atmosphere as it attracts people coming from just about all areas.

The simple town has many beautiful structures bearing testament to the past significance. From the town there is a site of what was originally a significant Roman Temple way back within the 1st Century. The Chapel of Erguida pelos Templrios has been reconstructed to be the Igreja da Alcova. The particular 12th Century Igreja do Marvila has been rebuilt in the 17th Century and has a striking Manueline look with tiling from this period. The 72-foot high Torre das Cabaas has experienced a lot of restoration work therefore losing its original medieval architectural elegance and is attached to the 12th Century Igreja de So Joo de Alporo having its formidable solid appearance.

The district of Santarm have been lived on ever since pre-historic times, very first through the Lusitani people, and then by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Portuguese Christians.

Santarm has a beautiful central city with several monuments, including the largest and many varied ensemble of medieval churches in Portugal. For instance, fine samples of late Gothic, mendicant and transitional Romanesque-Gothic. Furthermore, the city comes with nice types of Manueline, Renaissance, Mannerist and Baroque architecture.

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