Essential Cigar Accessories

Cigar smoking is an art and is inappropriate without the proper accessories. This article would uncover the finer details of cigar smoking for better understanding.

Always remember that a cigar tip has to be cut or punched before smoking. A good cigar cutter would give you a perfect cut – a straight cut, punch a hole or a wedge cut, depending on your personal preference.

Double blade guillotine is the most preferred cigar cutter for a straight cut. The difference between a straight cigar cutter and a wedge shaped cutter is just that a wedge shaped cutter does not cut the entire cigar tip; it merely slices the cigar tip off.

The hole punch is used to put a hole in its cap instead of just cutting it off. If a cutter or hole punch isn’t available, a hole cut can be made in it using a pen or pencil.

For a collector of premium cigars like Cuban cigars, a humidor would maintain the humidity of the cigars and keep them safe from insects.

A glass acrylic humidor or a wooden one would suffice if you need one just for your personal use. The hygrometer in humidors maintains the humidity levels to 65-70% and keeps the cigars fresh.

Cigars have a rich aroma. However, if you would prefer not to have your garments enveloped with it you should choose artificial fibers. The stale aroma can be easily removed by putting the garments with little baking soda in a poly bag.

Use spray deodorizers, tobacco specific ones, to combat indoor smoke. Parsley and chlorophyll extract is good for freshening up your breath after a smoke. Vitamin A, spirulina, wheat grass, new barley, vitamin C, garlic are effective for negating the nicotine from your body.

Cigar smoking experience can be enhanced by personalizing your accessories with your initials too.

Take care to respect the non-smokers around you and have a deodorizer nearby at all times. Have a look at various online stores to pick a perfect gift for a cigar lover.

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