Next to antivirus and anti-spyware programs, registry cleaners are essential in any computer. Since we use our computers more and more, we expose our valuable gadgets to harmful elements such as opportunistic malicious softwares and other rogue softwares that roam free in the internet.

There are a number ways for you to know that your registry has started to get corrupted. One sign is when your computer starts to get different error messages or warning messages whenever you use it.

Another thing is that your computer starts crashing for no apparent reason and you are left to do over what you were doing before the crash. And in extreme cases, you get the blue screen.

The reason for why the effects of a corrupted registry can be so annoying stems from the function of a registry.

A registry is that important part of the computer which saves all the information that is necessary for allowing the computer to perform in its optimum. Things such as your system settings and hardware information are stored in your registry.

There are hundreds of registry cleaners to choose from but for you to get your money’s worth, you will really have to find the registry cleaner that works to your advantage. In finding the right registry cleaner, you must have a set of criteria to adhere to.

Error Killer is the registry cleaner that I currently have on my computer. What made me purchase the registry cleaner is that it contains a kind of safety feature.

Sometimes, changes in the registry cleaner make one’s computer perform lousier. Making back up files of the current registries prevent this from being permanent.

Finally, Error Killer has an excellent customer support team. If you pay good money fro the program, you have to make sure that their service makes it worth the money.

Error Killer not only answers any kind of query made by any user, but it also provides different tutorials so that users learn how the program works.

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