Epic Games said in court with Apple that iMessage is used to “drag” users into the iPhone ecosystem

The developer of Fortnite showed letters with the reasoning of Apple employees that the discovery of technology for other systems will harm the company.

Epic Games has filed new documents for the court with Apple-in which the company shows that iMessage and other iPhone apps are used to keep users inside the iOS ecosystem. This is written by The Verge.
Apple’s senior vice president of software, Eddie Cue, Senior vice president of development, Craig Federighi, and former chief marketing officer, Phil Schiller, are cited as evidence.
“iMessage on Android will stop stopping families with iPhones from buying their children Android phones,” Epic quoted Federighi as saying. Apple decided not to develop iMessage for Android back in 2013, the documents say. The company launched the messaging service on iOS 5 in 2011.
“The main barrier that prevents users from leaving the Apple app ecosystem is iMessage […] iMessage is a major obstacle,” one unnamed former employee of the company said in an email in 2016. To this, Schiller replied that ” developing iMessage for Android will hurt us more than it will help us.”
Eddie Q admits that Apple “could make an Android version that works with iOS” so that ” users of both platforms can seamlessly exchange messages with each other.” But the app was never released.
Epic cites the example of other Apple services that are hindering the transition to Android. These include, for example, FaceTime, which was introduced in 2010. FaceTime was released only for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
The dispute between Apple and Epic Games has been going on since the summer of 2020, when the developer added direct purchases to the game Fortnite bypassing the mechanisms of the App Store and Google Play in protest against the commission of 30%. In response, Apple and Google removed Fortnite from their stores, and Epic Games sued both companies. The developer also condemns the closeness of the iOS ecosystem.
In September, the first meeting was held: in particular, the judge then noted that 30% of the commission is a standard practice in the gaming industry, which is represented by Epic. According to her, the case is likely to be considered by a jury in July 2021.
In February 2021, Epic Games filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple in the EU, in addition to a lawsuit in the US and claims in other countries. In April, Bloomberg, citing sources, reported that Epic Games plans to raise $1.7 billion at a valuation of $28 billion and spend some of the money on the courts.
The preliminary hearing will be held on April 21, and will be attended by top managers of both companies. The trial itself will begin on May 3.

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