Enroll Your Child In Adventures In The Arts Summer Camp In Bradenton, FL Today

If you have a child you would like to enroll in a Bradenton summer school, check out Adventures in the Arts. This is not your ordinary summer school. Kids have fun so much fun learning here that they are excited to go every day.

Those students who are gifted or have a special interest in performing arts will be especially happy with this program. It is designed for children from one year old all the way through elementary school. Classes focus on many areas such as art, musical theater and voice, tumbling, gymnastics and a whole lot more.

Every week there will also be field trips to such places as state parks, museums, play parks, movies and roller skating rinks, just to name a view. Fridays there is pizza and every week there is a party with dancing and music. Each Friday afternoon, a show will be put on that parents can come to. At the end of the week, the students get a highlight DVD of their week at camp.

All children will enjoy the camp but it is especially exciting for those that have an interest or talent in a particular area of the arts. These children never get enough time for these activities during a normal school session. This way, the get a chance to really express themselves doing something they love.

There are extended hours included in the tuition, from 6:30 a. M. To 6:00 pm, which is really convenient for parents. Adding to the convenience is the ability to pay one week at a time. This way, if you have plans to take a vacation, you do not have to worry about the camp schedule or having paid for it already.

There are many people who want their children to learn at summer camp, not just play. This Bradenton summer school is the perfect way for your children to learn but have fun at the same time. They may enjoy it so much, they forget they are at school.

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