Enjoy Garden Fresh Herbs Every Day With An Herb Keeper

Are you one of those consumers that prefer to enhance flavor of food you cook by using different spices and herbs? I know that I do enjoy cooking with these different ingredients, but am frustrated that I never seem to have what I need on hand in my kitchen.

This is most likely due to the fact that I will purchase ingredients to use once, and may not cook again using those same herbs again. I tend to come home to finding wilted herbs in my refrigerator.

I know that I can find most of these ingredients also in dried form, and in small containers, at most grocery stores, but I find that the flavor is never the same as if I had used fresh herbs in my culinary creations. I recently decided to look for an herb keeper, in hopes that it will help me to save money from continually wasting my ingredients and throwing them in the trash, and also stepping up the flavor of the food that I cook.

An herb keeper is designed to keep your herbs fresh in your kitchen refrigerator or on your counter top for up to three weeks. There are a number of different designs on the market, but most of them function in the same way. Most suspend the herbs within a container so that their roots touch the water placed in the bottom. It is important not to over fill these containers because crowding can cause damage to the leaves of the herbs.

In the past, many chefs stored herbs wrapped in a damp paper towel in their fridge, but herb keepers will keep your herbs fresher for longer. The design makes it easier for the herbs to absorb water through their roots and stems which keeps them fresh for use in your cooking recipes.

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