E-Mail can be a crucial and simple method of maintaining regular contact with your customer base, but it can also hinder your business if you do it wrong, and you might even lose customers. When it’s done right, e-mail can be a very personal method of communication, and enable you to retain your customers much longer than with alternate methods. Anyone who reveals their e-mail address to you is also giving you a degree of trust. If you manipulate or don’t appreciate this trust, you’ll definitely lose your customers.

What types of information should you be gathering from a customer? An email address is probably the easiest, yet most important, piece of information you can get! I don’t know of anyone who would argue with the idea that it is easier to get someone’s email address than to sell a $1,000 product on the spot. By giving you their email address, a potential customer is giving you permission to contact them for free.

Tips for Successful Emailing:

1. Be Personal in your correspondence. You will turn off potentially receptive clients by sending off an impersonal note. Most people fail to do this, and is why most people fail at customer service. Write to them as a single person. Talk to them as an individual. Dont talk to them as a group or crowd of people.

2. Use the e-mail’s ‘from’ field to state your name. This displays that you’re an actual person talking to actual people, and it gives that personal impression when read by your customers. By doing this correctly, you’ll already be employing a personal angle within the body of the e-mail, so you should extend this to every part of the e-mail also. Make your e-mail personal and warm, and definitely don’t let it look spammy. By talking about a very specific topic, they will be convinced that your e-mail is not spam. They’ll be sure to read on and find out more once their skepticism drops.

3. Make your Subject Line Provocative. Context is big because subject lines need to hook the interest of the reader without sounding like spam. But heres the key ” If someone clicked on your ad, they already are telling you what theyre interested in. So reference that in your Subject Line. Dont just say RE: Your Contact To US. How can we help? Client Services responding to your interest is much more personal. It doesnt seem too sophisticated, but doesnt scream Spam either.

These need to be customized to what youre selling, and not in a cookie-cutter format. But with a little work, constant tweaking, and a commitment to personal touch, you will gain more long-term customers.

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