Element Case: Review of the new line of Black OPS protective cases

Powerful Element Case covers look cool and impressive. But are they convenient to use and are they worth the money?

Frankly, I’m not a fan of shockproof covers. As for me, your device should be compact, lightweight, convenient for everyday use. And most cases with a “military certificate of protection” make a real tank out of the iPhone. And it’s infuriating.
Well, UAG-it looks cool there, and the trick is that nothing needs to be unwound for installation. There are cool options in Pelican, but I decided to take a look at a purely American theme and take a new line of Element Case for review.
It consists of four accessories:
1. iPhone case for every day OPS Special
2. iPhone case with military protection
3. Headphone Case (AirPods | AirPods Pro)
4. Apple Watch Strap
Most of all, I liked the case “for every day” — Element Case OPS Special.
A really cool option, especially the transparent version with red inserts on the power and volume buttons. The cost on the original website is 39 bucks, and this is a small price for a really branded thing made of high-quality materials. If you look at the same Apple silicone case for $ 49, then the Element Case wins on all fronts. By the way, MagSafe works fine with the case.

The only thing that confused me was the buttons. Due to the large layer of silicone, they are not very convenient to press, but not critical.
The second product is Element Case Black OPS. It is positioned as a case with maximum military protection from damage during falls.
You need to install this on the phone after a number of manipulations: you need to unscrew six screws, disassemble the case into three parts, and only then you will be able to “cram” the smartphone.
The first time I didn’t dare to insert my iPhone 12, I took a sample. And, you know, it turned out to be a damn good decision. Because when I tried to get a sample out of the case, my screen cracked. With grief in half, on the second attempt, I still decided to try it on my smartphone. Yes, the case is cool, I can not argue with this: a separate admiration for the back cover made of red material and the fact that the guys thought out a removable pocket for cards, a stand.
But as for me, this option is for those who want to “seal” the iPhone 12 once in a case and get it only after 2-3 months, or even six months. Since I like to change the covers almost every day, it would be difficult to put up with the fact that you need to promote the whole thing. Also, the screwdriver was not very high-quality in the kit, with a beveled thread. I had to get my own from the “stocks”. Maybe a one-time marriage, but it’s unpleasant.
The cases for AirPods and AirPods Pro were also not very pleased: they look cool, light, well-made, but there is clearly something wrong with the design. The fact is that they are separate (top and bottom), when you put on the bottom — everything is OK, but the top is a little behind.
There is a latch on the side so that the headphones do not open, but this does not really solve the problem. Well, the carbine. There is clearly not enough of it, there is a rope, but such accessories, as for me, should come with a metal carabiner, which I can attach to my backpack if I’m going on a hike.

The last and most unfortunate of the line is the strap for the Apple Watch. In appearance, it also looks very cool. But think about the fact that it weighs about 500 grams! Despite the fact that the Apple Watch weighs 36 grams. I just can’t imagine what kind of athlete or military man would want to wear such an accessory.
In general, the line is not bad. The first case is generally cool, I will probably use it for quite a long time. And the same “military” option is good, but only for certain users. With AirPods, most likely, a flight. But for the strap, you will have to find Vin Diesel to ask his opinion about this colossus.
Are accessories worth the money? I wouldn’t say that. I was even a little upset by the fact that the manufacturers did not take into account the nuances with separate parts on the AirPods case, and the quality of the screwdriver, as I said, was not very pleased. Probably, it is better to take UAG, for me it is a proven brand that really justifies itself in price and quality.

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