Electronic Cigarettes Could Be The Invention Of The Century

Electronic cigarettes could be the greatest invention of the past 100 years; they have the biggest potential to change lives since the home computer. While smokers still make up a large part of the population both in the United States and abroad, they have been searching for a better way to smoke for a long time. For many, smoking is not an addiction as much as it is habitual and as it is difficult to break oneself from biting fingernails or other bad habits, smoking is mostly the same. E cigarettes, however, may have finally provided them with the answer.

There is no doubt that electronic cigarettes come with a great many more benefits than traditional cigarettes do: they’re cleaner, they’re much more ecologically friendly, and they’re not nearly as much of a fire hazard. As far as cleanliness goes, they do not produce the ashes that traditional cigarettes do when they are spent. People who have children and pets living with them would benefit greatly from their parents using e cigarettes instead, as the cigarette butts that are often left behind are toxic and can cause the need for a trip to the emergency room.

Fire hazard reduction is something else that is on the mind of people who decide to switch to e cigarettes. E cigarettes do not require the use of a lighter to be used, reducing the risk of accidentally starting a fire to almost zero. People who smoke while they are in bed can greatly appreciate this, since there have been many incidents where people have set their beds on fire because they decided to smoke in bed while they were tired. People who drive for a living or commute no longer have to concern themselves with throwing cigarette butts out the window, only to have them come back into the car and land on carpet or upholstery and damage it. Car accidents have been caused by this in the past, as the motorist speeds quickly off the road to retrieve the lit cigarette.

The fact that electronic cigarettes are also much more eco-friendly than traditional cigarettes is on the minds of many people that care a great deal about their footprint on the environment. The butts of traditional cigarettes litter the landscape as we speak and they are one of the top sources of pollution on the planet when looking at sheer numbers. Trillions of these are thrown away a year, but each e cigarette cartridge is the equivalent of 10 to 14 cigarettes. This means that overall cigarette butt litter could be reduced to around 10 percent.

While electronic cigarettes may be able to change the lives of smokers on a day to day basis, there is no doubt that they are hated and scrutinized by everyone who stands to benefit from their disappearance. Whether it be governments, tobacco companies, or anti-smoking special interest groups funded by pharmaceutical companies, many people stand to benefit from the end of e cigarettes. The only way to keep them in existence is to spread the word and spread it quickly.

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