If you’re looking for a quirky present or gift for someone, why not consider the electronic cigarette? The electronic cigarette is possibly one of the most unusual, life changing pieces of technology of our time. The word ‘gadget’ does not do it justice as many people see these electronic cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking, making the product an important lifestyle piece.

Electronic cigarettes began as a rather clandestine product as it was considered to outlandish for the main-stream consumer but since the smoking ban throughout most countries, the electronic cigarette has grown in popularity and has earned its status as a viable healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.

There are many reasons why people enjoy using the electronic cigarette. One of which is the price in comparison to regular cigarettes. I have found that it is around 80% cheaper than when I used to smoke my regular brand and that saves me an absolute fortune. As you can imagine, I am happy to save money whilst still enjoying the hit of nicotine, with the feel and taste of my favourite cigarette brand.

My friends say that their favourite thing about the electronic cigarette is using it anywhere, any time. I totally understand this as it has been so hard to have to leave a conversation or get up at the end of a lovely family meal to go outside for a cigarette. The electronic cigarette enables my friends and I to remain part of the group and stay inside to use the device. It is so nice to be able to use the electronic cigarette inside bars, restaurants, clubs, cinemas etc without causing yourself or anyone around you any harm.

I was speaking to some other people about the battery powered devices and they thought that if it meant that smokers weren’t inhaling harmful toxins, risking their health that the electronic cigarette was a brilliant way for people to get a nicotine hit without causing harm to themselves or those around them.

My brother was a 40 a day man until he tried the electronic cigarette or ‘electric cig’ as he likes to call it. He said the thing that made it easy for him to use this alternative to smoking was the flavours of cartridge that he could choose from. He now uses a tobacco flavoured cartridge as he was used to smoking roll-ups so this gave him the most authentic taste, making it feel as though he wasn’t missing out on the nicotine hit or the taste of tobacco that he enjoyed.

Throughout my experience of using electronic cigarettes and through hearing other peoples’ opinions of them, I have found them to be a useful, easy to use and cheap device that also seems to be a healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. I wouldn’t go back to smoking regular cigarettes now as the electronic cigarette gives me everything I want but is also preferred due to the fact that I can use it anywhere and it costs me less than regular cigarettes.

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