Electric Car: Dimension Of Environment Friendliness

People have been using electronic cars for long time so now day’s electronics cars are not a new conception as we think. In the 1900’s people used more electric cars than cars run on gas in fact. In the 1920’s when the popularity for cars was growing, gas was very costly. Starting a gas run car was also a very tedious process, there was no key to ignite the engine, in fact a rod used to fit into the front of the car which had to be turned round and round to get the car started.

They emitted a lot of smoke and were very noisy, as either the mufflers used were not good or there were no mufflers at all. Not only were gas run cars tedious to start. At one point of time electric cars were so popular that there were about 50,000 electric cars running on the streets of United States, believe it or not.

As new discoveries were underway to make gasoline cheaper, electric cars started disappearing from the market. The discovery of the electric starter made way for the exit of the crank and the car was started with a key. A car run on gas could travel more distance than the electric car. Thus cars run on gas started getting more popular than the electric car.

Now, once again because of the awareness towards protecting the environment and reducing the dangers caused by the emission of the greenhouse gases “green ” electric cars are once again getting popularized.

Gasoline is not used to run an electric car; it runs on the energy stored in batteries in the car. the car needs 12, 14 or more batteries to run.

Charging of the batteries can either be done all night or some cars want to be plugged into a standard electric wall. There are some which need a large electric outlet, something like what is used for an electric stove or electric clothes dryer. These are the various ways electricity is stored in the cars.

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