Electric Boat Winch: Choosing The Right One For Your Needs

Most electric winches are being used for lifting or tugging big loads. It is usually installed to a rigid base that is strong enough to hold the winch and the load. They are famous accessory to a large vehicle and other off-road automobiles. It’s used mostly for saving other motor vehicles stuck in mud or sand. There’s also electric winch made for boat usage including the boat trailer winch.

Like most winches it is used mostly to tug and load the boat on to the trailer. Other people get it done manually by means of a hand operated winch, but if you like, it is also possible to use an electric winch that utilizes the trucks electric battery to power it. Based on the length of the vessel they are offered in many types. The common practice in choosing the perfect winch is to get one with twice the weight of the load you wanted to pull. This will establish a consistent pulling and also extends the service of the winch.

Because you are going to utilize them close to the water or salt water, most boat trailer winches are designed of aluminum or stainless steel components to resist corrosion and rust. Many producers utilize a steel body with powdered coated paint to cut down price but other important parts are made of stainless steel for good strength and aluminum for lighter weight. Modern made boat winches are now designed with built-in lamps and handy remote control so you can still work through the night with ease. Other feature includes a manual drive system so you can still use it in case it pauses while in the middle of the loading operation or if there is a problem with the electrics.

Setting it up is pretty simple; if you can keep your vehicle and fishing boat I’m certain you can also handle the installation. Whenever you buy a new unit it normally contains the mounting bolts and brackets. Some brands even feature a guide template with markings of the holes you need to drill. After you installed it you still need to hook it to the cars power supply.

The package also includes the wiring harness with terminal and screws; all you need to do is follow the wiring diagram also provided. There are also many other kinds of winch utilize for marine applications like winch for retrieving the anchor and rope with attached load. These winches are more compact than the trailer winch but the basic principle and application is also the same, to retrieve a load.

When choosing the ideal winch you should select one with a reliable brand name, don’t forget that you are dragging a heavy load and one tiny mistake can spell disaster. Plus you are packing your favorite boat; you do not want to ruin it just because a cheap winch cable snaps. Find the correct capacity for your fishing boat and do not use it if you are not sure it can handle it, in other words do not overload it. Other brands offers safety features like free spooling clutch, automatic brake and special gear system that minimize the risk of slippage. They may be a bit pricey but they are well worth investing in the long run.

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