Efficacy Of High Blood Pressure Supplements

As the years have passed, people are giving more importance to being fit and healthy that the market for supplements has significantly increased. And because supplements are made of natural ingredients, side effects are not experienced. And if you happen to have hypertension, you might be wondering which high blood pressure supplements high blood pressure supplements are really effective or not.

Furthermore, supplements are usually not supported by tons of scientific research which can prove how effective they really are in lowering blood pressure. This is the reason why most supplements are still taken in combination with anti-hypertensive medications. Just in case you want to try supplements, consult with the doctor first. There could be possible interactions between the anti-hypertensive medications that you are taking and the supplements. Remember that keeping your blood pressure under control is very important since hypertension can cause other fatal disorders like heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure.

One of the different blood pressure supplements is Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10. Some scientific studies have shown that anti-hypertensive medicines plus CoQ10 supplements are effective in lowering blood pressure. In fact, this combination resulted to a decreased dosage of anti-hypertensive drugs and others were even able to stop taking the anti-hypertensive drugs.

Garlic is also another of the blood pressure supplements. Garlic is an herb often used as a flavoring in food. But as the years progressed, the health benefits of garlic are being uncovered and one of these is in reducing blood pressure. Some scientific studies have shown that garlic can be effective in lowering high blood pressure by as much as 7% to 8%.

One of the different blood pressure supplements is fish oil. Fish oil is well-known for its omega-3 fatty acids particularly DHA and EPA. According to some scientific studies, fish oil can dilate blood vessels which causes a reduction in blood pressure. Modest reductions in blood pressure were noted among persons who used fish oil supplements.

Another one of the famous blood pressure supplements is calcium. Calcium is famous for teeth and bone health. On the other hand, some scientific studies have also proven that calcium can be used for hypertension. Some scientific studies have shown that calcium can be effective in slightly lowering high blood pressure by 1-2 mmHg. Furthermore, calcium supplementation can also decrease the risk of hypertension among pregnant women.

Another one of the well-known blood pressure supplements is potassium. Some scientific studies have shown that potassium can be effective in reducing high blood pressure most especially among African Americans and people with high salt intake or low potassium levels.

One of the different blood pressure supplements is olive oil. Some scientific studies have proven that olive oil supplementation plus anti-hypertensive medicines can lower blood pressure. Many users have seen a decrease in their dosage of anti-hypertensive agents and others were even able to stop taking the drugs altogether.

One of the various high blood pressure supplements is Ion Extra capsules. Many users of Ion Extra were able to get rid of their hypertension in a matter of 30 days.

Want to know what are the different Uk marriage visa high blood pressure supplements that you can use? Try these blood pressure supplements and see how effective they can be in lowering hypertension.

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