Economical And Fun In Mesa Arizona

When people think about living on a budget in retirement, they usually think about having to sacrifice necessities. But, retirement does not need to be full of sacrifices at all. You can live frugally and still have a good deal of fun in the process.

Because of the recent poor economy, people are needing to reconsider what their finances will look like down the road, particularly people who are already retired or are looking to retire soon. Almost everyone has seen their investments take a beating, leaving some to wonder if they can truly afford to retire.

You might want to think about more inexpensive ways of living, but that are also be full of enjoyment. What about moving to a mobile home park? It can be a seasonal option or you could do it all year round.

First how is it frugal? As an example, a furnished, used park model ranges from $15,000 to $20,000. For a minimum of $25,000, you can purchase a brand new model. Try and buy a stick built house for that kind of money and you are looking at a dog house…for a small dog.

Can a park-model mobile home support an active lifestyle? People who are live around Phoenix are only about an hour away from Mesa, Arizona, the largest city for park model mobile homes. In Mesa, you have several communities to choose from. On the smaller side, there are those with just around a hundred mobile homes. Others have over 2,000 units in one community. These communities have a variety of amenities. You will find golf courses at some.

Every community offers a great number of activities in which you can participate. The clubhouses and craft rooms resemble summer camps for those 55 and older. The residents can keep as busy as they’d like. The only problem you’ll run into is what activity to choose.

Cheap living in retirement can be both fun and frugal. Do not give up on retirement until you explore all the options. A park-model mobile home can give you many of the amenities often found in more expensive residences — all at an extremely reasonable price. So when it’s time to retire, you can sit back and enjoy.

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