Economic Debauchery, The Political Profiteer And The Devastation Of The Masses For The Profit Of The Institutional Few

Yep! Quite a mouthful but let it sink in. The self proclaimed economic elite make rules and mistake that affect all of us, there only accountability is a quick senate hearing where they are interrogated for show and afterwards have champagne and cocktails in chambers and laugh off the comments of the day and plan their future hunting events in the Congo. I don’t find it comical that our domestic economy and power position is rapidly being exchanged for that of the third world or some obscure island nation whose major export is sand and debt.

Don’t you find it interesting that we as a country owe mountains of debt to a privately held organization called the Federal Reserve? Don’t you get angry when you see that the reason for this economic collapse was because the Fed started calling in debt from banks using their fractional reserve system of finance and that they were fully aware of the global repercussions of their actions? If you are losing your home to foreclosure have you taken a closer look at the process in which your bank acquired the funds to loan you the money and where you ticked off when you realized that there was no financial exchange at all only a transfer of numbers on a screen?

It’s time that everyone wakes up. When you have money in a top tier bank whether it’s a CD, savings account, personal checking account, corporate credit or if you have stock in a major bank, you are part of the problem because you are perpetuating the process so that the same establishment can take advantage of your children as they are taking advantage of you right now

Ditch that institutional bank stock and transfer your funds to your local credit union then take your company public or raise capital with a private placement memorandum so that you can help end the cycle of institutional and political economic abuse on our children and our children’s children.

Take the opportunity of capitalization of your corporate stock and offer it to the people. You’ll be eliminating the need for your lender to repossess your assets and creating massive opportunity for your company, employees and the people of this country. Just think about it.

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