Eco-Friendly Gift Cards: Make a Statement by Buying “Green” Products

Many retailers are going green, that is, they’re adding eco-friendly products and services to their offerings. And you can make a statement by buying these products with gift cards you receive for your birthday, Christmas, graduation or other special occasion.
Following are some reasons to purchase eco-friendly products with gift cards.
More Expensive: Some eco-friendly products are more expensive than their non-green counterparts. This causes many to forego purchasing them. Take light bulbs for instance.
Environmental experts recommend replacing regular incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent (CF) bulbs. The CF bulbs use approximately one-fourth the wattage of a regular light bulb. For example, a regular 60-watt light bulb can be replaced with a 15-watt CF bulb and have the same lighting power. The CF bulbs last a lot longer too.
However, they are more expensive than regular light bulbs. This is a perfect time to use your gift cards to buy eco-friendly products you may otherwise forego because of price.
Create Demand: Retailers stock their shelves with what we as consumers by. Hence, the more eco-friendly products consumers purchase using gift cards, the more of a demand it creates for even more green products.
There are Thousands of Eco-Friendly Products to Buy with Your Gift Cards
The demand for eco-friendly products has exploded in the last few years. And, it’s only increasing. So you don’t have to fear that your choices will be limited when you go shopping with your gift cards for environmentally friendly products. Following are just some of the products and services you will find available:
Personal care products: Soaps, creams and lotions are just some of the environmentally friendly products you will find at major retailers when you go shopping with your gift cards. You can take care of your body – and the environment at the same time.
Cleaning Products: Many companies have heard the cry of concerned parents and environmentalists about harsh chemicals used in cleaning products. And, they’re offering eco-friendly alternatives; many of which you can find at major retailers when you go shopping with your gift cards.
Products for Children: Besides environmentalists, parents may be the main group demanding more eco-friendly products. And, manufacturers are listening. There are “green” product options for children in everything from furniture to bath products to toys.
And they can all be purchased with gift cards which are, after all, just like cash.
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