Easy And Difficult Bathroom Renovations

Having made the commitment to improving your bathroom, your choices of how to go about it are many and varied. Some updates, such as the installation of cabinetry and fixtures, can be quite complicated, while others, like making simple cosmetic adjustments, are simpler and cheaper. What you choose to do will correlate with what your bathroom is like now and how you’d like it to be.

A great basic improvement that will completely alter your bathroom’s look is to get a new curtain for the shower. Do some research and choose a curtain that complements your bathroom’s decor instead of one that clashes with it. In order to see some examples, you may want to peruse a variety of home renovation books or magazines.

Think of selecting a shower curtain in the same way you’d consider a hue of paint for your bathroom walls. The design and color scheme of your shower curtain is evident to anyone who enters your bathroom, even if the curtain isn’t closed. Installing the wrong shower curtain–one that clashes with the items and colors in your bathroom–can really take away from the whole look of the room, so beware. Be sure to remember that the shower curtain is a focal point, and should definitely be in harmony with the other items with which you decorate your bathroom.

Another easy improvement that you can make in order to instantly alter the bathroom’s decor, is to change out the bathroom rugs. By selecting a clashing bathroom rug, you will have undermined all of the other improvements you make. The rug that you select is as essential as any artwork that you put on the walls. Indeed, you might even want to think of a rug as artwork for the floor. You should select a rug that goes with the bathroom’s decor, and,of course, you will want it to look expensive.

Putting in a heating element to warm up your bathroom floor would be a much higher-level upgrade. Of all the places in your home that would benefit from a heated floor, the bathroom is at the top of the list. Every one of us knows how miserable it is to get up in the morning or in the middle of the night, only to face the prospect of treading across a chilly, unyielding bathroom floor.

By putting radiant heated flooring in the bathroom, you will be pleasing everyone in your family. In addition, heated flooring, particularly in the bathroom, will appeal to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell your home. You could always put carpet in the bathroom to help take the chill away, however, carpets do not usually stand up well to exposure to water, which is an inevitability in bathrooms. Heated floors in bathrooms are not very common, but it will be an improvement that you and your family will love for a long time.

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