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Over the last century, we were convinced that anything with medicinal value was developed in pressed-pill factories. More and more people are seeking Naturopathic treatment for their ailments. Yet, what once was a trickle of new clients has become a stampede. However, there is a void. The industry is in need of more professionals. Fortunately, an education in Naturopathic medicine is available from your own home.

There are three online schools that have courses in holistic studies. They are the Natural Healing College, the Global College of Natural Medicine and the Clayton College of Natural Health. Of the three, the Natural Healing College is by far a more accessible student-friendly educational program.

Clayton College and Global College will lure you in with fancy photographs, but have irresponsible practices. Foremost, you must mail in your tests and quizzes. This practice seriously delays your goals. Who wants to wait indefinitely for a score when you need it to continue?

A primary statistic for any college is its success rate in moving students into professional careers. Neither Clayton College nor Global College of Natural Health has job assistance or internship placement programs. In this environment a student can quickly feel like a number in an accreditation mill. And, many of their herbal programs are cost prohibitive. The Natural Healing College, on the other hand, has had the courage to lead the way in online Naturopathic courses. With online submissions of exams, your grade will be determined quickly and you can more easily advance toward your degree.

The Natural Healing College’s tuition is half that of other holistic medicine colleges, it is incredible the opportunity they provide. You get hands-on training as a Natural Healing College intern. Work right alongside other holistic practitioners. Beyond graduation they continue to help you find employment and offer help for you to open your own business.

Of the few online college’s that offer teachings in holistic studies, only the Natural Healing College is worth top honors.

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