Many of today’s surveillance equipments use DVR as their recording device of choice. DVR is acronym for Digital Video Recorder. It record video onto hard discs by digitizing them.

DVRs are very versatile equipments because they are able act as stand alone, be connected to a pc, a tv, cable, or even a satellite system. DVRs come in a variety of sizes which ranges from small to industrial in size with the latter mainly for recording huge chunks of data.

DVR surveillance systems utilize digital cameras. This is because digital cameras create digital files that maintains its integrity even after time unlike its analog counterpart. The image quality of the video feed will depend on the quality of the video camera.

There are some DVR systems that are able to store more than 30 days worth of video footage. These systems are mostly aimed for businesses or for people who travel a lot. This is because there are DVR systems that allow you to watch the video footage via the internet.

The necessary components for a DVR security system are quite small. This means they can easily be customized to fit the security needs of homes, offices, or businesses.

Installing a retail DVR system is relatively easy. All it takes is the installation of the security cameras which are then connected to the DVR itself via cables.

There are DVR systems that are capable of storing as much as 6 terabytes of data. Some equipments even features two-way voice communication, real-time video streaming, remote video monitoring, and automatic archiving.

There are many places all over the world that are installing their very own DVR surveillance system. Thanks to their ease of installation, home owners and business owners are taking advantage of them due to the added layer of security they bring.

The trend in having a DVR surveillance system is leading to the question regarding their legality. However, if you are not videotaping places that require privacy such as bathrooms and changing rooms, then it is okay to use them.

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