DVR Cameras For Top Home Surveillance

Digital video recorder cameras, or DVR cameras, have the ability to record both audio and video onto a digital format. The DVR technology may either be linked with a camera to record whatever it’s filming, but could also use a television as the video source to record shows currently broadcasting.

Recording to digital format has a number of specific advantages, including the fact that the footage can be recorded directly to a hard drive. This can then be transferred to external multimedia, such as DVD or CD, if needed. Because of this convenience, DVR is becoming more and more popular in the latest television sets to help people record their favorite shows from cable or satellite.

A New Trend for Video Surveillance

You won’t only find DVR recorders as part of a cable subscription: this technology is now popularly being included in home surveillance systems. The benefit is that they don’t need to be stored physically over many years, like traditional video tapes do. They don’t require any film to record what’s going on.

Some other benefits of using DVR cameras for home surveillance include the fact that there are many more playback options than with traditional video film recording. The footage can be fast forwarded, reversed and looked at in detail – all at the same time as new footage is being recorded! This is known as triplex functionality, allowing you to perform a number of functions at once.

Many businesses and homeowners are now choosing to incorporate DVR recorders into Closed Circuit Television systems to allow them to keep a closer eye on what’s going on around a number of locations in the building.

DVR Spy Cameras

Many parents are even using this technology to keep an eye on their children or the nannies when they aren’t there. This is because DVR can be incorporated into such small devices that people will never know they’re being filmed! One of the options is to use a key fob camera which looks just like a car opener but has the ability to record what’s going on.

DVR cameras really are revolutionizing the world of home surveillance. Whether you want to keep an eye on your home while you’re away, or help deter criminals from your business, a DVR camera is the most convenient way to go about it.

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