Durov accused Apple of trying to restrict freedom of access to information

In this regard, the founder of Telegram called on apple’s to switch to Android

Telegram founder Pavel Durov called the Apple system a threat to freedom of information dissemination in his personal channel. In his opinion, it prevents the installation of a number of programs, while its main competitor — Android — allows you to bypass this restriction. He gave his reasoning in response to a subscriber’s question, comparing the services of Apple and Google.

“Apple is the more dangerous of the two [systems] because it can completely restrict what apps you use, while on Android you can install your own apps as APKs. That’s why I encourage users to switch from iOS to Android — it’s the least they can do to keep access to the free flow of information, ” Durov concluded.

The discussion about freedom of access to information began in Telegram after a subscriber asked the developer about the Parler app, which was blocked by Apple and Google.

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