Dubai – An Imperial Metropolis Featuring Exquisite Urban Development

Dubai is a fast expanding metropolitan of the world, positioned in the mysterious Arabian homeland. It is a major tourist attraction of the Middle-East, typically distinguished for its gold, luxury and royal amenities. Let us go through the top attractions of this magnificent city.

1. Burj Al Arab

It is the sole high-class, top quality, deluxe hotel, boasting its seven-star rating on the entire planet. This luxurious accommodation is in the heart of the mighty ocean waters, about two kilometers away from the famous Jumeirah Beach. The architectural splendor of this building is really appreciable. The entire structure is sculptured in a new way, imparting it a boat-shaped appearance. By housing sixty-six floors, Burj Al Arab assumes the title of being the “tallest building of the world”, with pride!

2. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is a splendid, world-famous, golden beach; over viewing the cheerful sunset, in Dubai. The beach stretches over a whooping seven kilometers area, partitioned into seven sub-sections. In other words, this gigantic coastline is divided into seven beaches, each of which covers an area of one kilometer. Two of these Beaches are personally owned by the Jumeirah Park and the Wild Wadi.

If you are tired of wandering underneath the sweltering heat, on one of these golden beaches garnished with mounting sand dunes, try sipping some chilled beer or an ice tea instead, in one of the seaside lounges.

3. Wild Wadi

It is an entertaining Water Park positioned in the fifth sub section of the great Jumeirah beach. The Beach is solely committed to this Water Park. Wild Wadi is specially designed to suit the taste of people belonging to different age groups. It gives you some of the most extraordinary leisure water rides. Your tiny tots will love to splash around! It is an proper place for the honeymoon couple seeking a fun-filled watery experience.

4. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest, the largest and the most astonishing piece of Arabian architecture. Soaring to a gigantic height, almost reaching the Heaven floors, this massive building incorporates 153 floors. Surprising indeed! This oversized building encompasses official areas, numerous eateries and private residential space. Presently, Burj Khalifa is synonymous to luxury, in Dubai.

5. Gold Souq

When conversing about Dubai, how can we forego the gold markets? Dubai is famous all around the world for purity of the gold adornment it deals in. In this context, Gold Souq is the famous whole seller gold market of Dubai. It is most commonly known as the “golden land”. The entire market is arranged in an array of many retail outlets dealing in varieties of gold.

So, this was all about the “Land of the Rich”. Submerge yourself in the dreamy paradise of Dubai. Someday, you may get an opportunity of visiting this extraordinary marvel!

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