Drupal: Drupal is an Open Source Content management System which is
purely developed in PHP framework. Drupal is very flexible and standards
compatible and well engineered architecture.

Drupal is licensed under the GPL, making it free for anyone to use and
customize.Drupal Web
is very customizable and best open source platform.

Drupal is Powerful why:

There are about 100 modules we can easily customize and integrate in some of the
following ways.

• Forum

• Calendar

• Blog

• Image Gallery

• Moderated story discussion

• Static pages

• Collaborative book authoring

• News aggregation

Highlights of Drupal:

Open source:

Drupal is available under the GNU General Public Licence, which means it’s Free,
to use and modify.

SEO Friendly URLs:

Drupal uses URL rewriting to enable addresses that are both user and search
engine friendly using Clean URLs.

Collaborative Book:

Use the book features to create and manage books written by multiple authors.

Extensible Design:

With a quality module design, Drupal allows you to quickly extend it for all
your products.

Easy Integration:

Once you install Drupal on your website, you will in no time become an
irresistible and loads of modules to integrate.

Active Community:

There is an active community that will help you all the time round the clock.

Different Drupal Modules:

• Forums

• Event

• Calendar

• Weblogs

• E-mail

• Notifications

• Custom

• Module Customizable

• User Profiles

• Collaborative Development

• E-Commerce

• Articles

• Weblogs

Drupal Core:

• Content management

• Customizable user profiles

• Taxonomy

• Localization

• Templating

• Syndication

General Features of Drupal:

• User management

• Content management

• Blogging

• Platform is Open source

• Administration and analysis

• Community features

• Performance and scalability

• Node system: It Holds content

• Can aggregate RSS feeds

• Distributed authentication

• Role and permission based user management

• Multi-language Support

• Web based administration

• Platform, Web Server and Database Independent

• Multiple Content Types

• WYSIWYG Content Editing

• Contributed Modules

• In-built Search

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