Drug-Free Breast Augmentation – Is It Really Possible?

There are many ways that a woman can enhance their looks, especially their breasts, and most of them make use of diet and exercise although it is not surprising to have surgery to maintain their figure. The motivations are varied, but the most common reason is that they simply want to have a sexy figure or stay in their normal weight range. Other reasons include keeping a youthful appearance or wanting a bigger breast size. For those women who are not naturally endowed, many options are available to increase their bust size.

To enlarge the breasts, one common approach is a cosmetic surgery. Many women opt for surgery to enlarge their breasts or to make them look bigger yet perkier. Other reasons why they choose surgery is because they want a more proportioned, more alluring look, especially after pregnancy. A women has two choices of implants, silicone gel implants or implants filled with saline.

The cosmetic surgery though is not a permanent fix, so it is recommended for her to visit her surgeon and have the implants taken out and replaced with new ones after a period of time. Just like any other surgery, the patient should understand that there will be pain and scar development. Now, if they do not want the pain and scarring that comes with surgeries, then they always have the option of natural breast augmentation methods.

Are natural methods to increase breast size effective? There are women who state that the method is not only effective but also permanent. Right now, pills and creams are the most common methods used, and these and can be purchased at many beauty stores. Other natural methods of increasing breast size includes wearing suction devices or pumps for some time. Women should know that what works for one may not necessarily work for another because of different body structures and its different reactions to drugs or devices. Thus, they should know that they will not end up with the same results. Just like any other drugs or products that can alter the body, it is advisable that you talk with your physician first and research the pros and cons of the product before buying.

Choosing a natural method over surgery has its own limitations though. Stimulants, caffeinated beverages, and carbonated drinks are to be avoided because they can change the way your digestive system absorbs the pills, hindering the full potential of the product.

Moderate to light breast massages coupled with your choice of pills, creams or serum work well to make your natural breast enhancement a success.Of course, taking the pills alone or using creams is not enough as you should also have a good diet consisting mainly of healthy foods that can naturally stabilize your hormonal changes and speed up the process of breast augmentation. Avoid diet pills and supplements completely while you are taking breast augmentation pills as these will create a hormone imbalance and the pills will not work effectively.

Of course, for the pills to be really effective, you should only take them as prescribed. Do not skip any dosage but do control your dietary consumption during this time. Women should know that their attempt to achieve bigger breasts will only be successful if they have thoroughly understood and applied the directions. It cannot be denied that the women who opted to choose the natural method of achieving bigger breasts are loving their improved breast sizes and their better self confidence.

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