Dressage Horses For Sale: What Should You Check?

Choosing the best from dressage horses for sale can be a difficult task, if you do not know what you should be looking for. Experts agree that you should answer 6 questions before you choose among young dressage horses for sale.

Q1: Should I look for a schooled horse?

Lightly schooled or trained horses can continue its training depending on the trainer’s desire plan. Hence, this kind of horses should be your target. It is also believed that the kind of schooling a horse got can be determined with its competition record or history. Therefore, you should not forget to ask about the complete history of the horse you are willing to buy.

Q2: Is it okay for young riders to get advanced dressage horses for sale?

The answer to this question is yes, it is okay. As long as the masters want it, then there should be no question on that. Advanced dressage horses have great deal of talents and skills, but it is expected to be sold at higher price. What makes it a little more costly than the other horse breeds is that riders with any level can ride it.

Medium trained horses must be educated properly. You will know what kind of education the horse has received just by looking at its history of competition.

Q3: Is soundness important?

Soundness in horses refers to the strength of the feet, joints, and whether their minds are trainable. Some horses will be further trained very well till a certain level and then refuse to learn anymore movements after that. Needless to say, this is a major inconvenience for a rider, who is looking for colored horses, which they can stick with for the long haul.

Q4: What about the movement?

Also, dressage horses do not work with a lot of adrenalin; hence they must have level movements. As a rider, it is your task to look for early arthritic change, which can lead to further trouble in several years. If you are paying a lot of money, then it is the best to get a series of radio-graphs.

Q5: Does sex matter?

In many horse forums and chat rooms, you will find that a lot of riders think that the sex of the horse will matter only depending on the experience of the buyer. Mare or geldings are more recommended for less skilled riders. Also, even experienced riders can have problems with stallions since these horses are not good with any company.

Q6: Does the size matter?

When it comes to size, experts agree that it is always better to be under mounted than over mounted. Handling an over mounted horse can be a problem, if you are a young rider. If you can get a smaller horse with heaps of power, then it is the optimal choice to look for.

Are you ready to purchase your very own dressage horse? Then, do not forget to shop around horse sale websites, so you can choose the best breed. Following this strategy, you will shorten your learning curve and avoid wasting your money.

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