Drawer Pulls – Important For Any Kitchen

Everything today is about style. Even the littlest details are used to add pizazz. Once society masters function for an item than it seems that stylizing becomes much more important.

Drawer pulls are no exception; they are used as finishing touches on furniture, kitchen and bathrooms drawers. There are whole rooms built around them.

There is no limit to the styles that are available. The only limit is the designer’s imagination. There are huge offerings for them. There are entire aisles solely dedicated to fun and functional ways to open a drawer. This hardware has taken on a life of its own. Some favorite styles are the themed styles. The themed styles are geared to tie in with the theme of the kitchen or bath that they will be used in. Some of the themed styles include animals, well known products and themed motifs. The pulls are fashioned out of an array of materials, from wood to glass to metal. There are ceramic models and models that combine several different materials.

For antique furniture there are drawer pulls that are replicas from the era that the furniture comes from. This is great for refinishing a piece and for period accuracy.

Like everything else the more elaborate or unique the drawer pulls are the more they are going to cost. The price is dictated by personal preference and taste. Saving some money may be possible if a discontinued model is purchased, of course this is a problem if something happens to the drawer pulls down the road and one of them needs to be replaced. There may be no replacement for it if a discontinued model is purchased, it will save some money though. Very simple functional models can cost as low as two dollars, more elaborate models can cost around ten dollars and the very unique high end models can easily cost over thirty dollars each.

Drawer pulls are a great way to dress up a room or an old piece of furniture.

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