The inventor of Dr Martens Dr Klaus Maertens made his first commercial footwear in 1947. Strangely, the majority of his early clients were German housewives who found his air-soled footwear extremely comfortable for all day wear. In 1959 the Dr Martens company was formed to distribute their products internationally. Dr Martens quickly diversified into making safety boots and shoes for use in industrial settings.

Over the years Dr Martens has expanded their range of safety footwear to include rigger boots, trainers, hiking boots, shoes and traditional boots in a wide variety of styles. Both men and women wear them in various industrial settings. Some of the models are available in different width fittings, a few are specifically designed for women.

Dr Marten’s safety footwear all come with air-filled soles, which ensure that people who are on their feet most of the day remain comfortable throughout the day. Each model has its own safety features, which can include anti-static soles to protect against static shocks and puncture resistant soles to prevent puncture injuries from standing on sharp objects or glass. Most of the range also have anti-slip soles and steel toe caps. All footwear in the range meet American safety standards and European EN ISO standards.

Dr Martens safety wear uppers are durable yet flexible, so they are comfortable to work in but last for a long time. There are heat resistant, waterproof and water resistant models available within the range. All DMs are designed to be easy to get on and off even when wearing bulky clothing or gloves, rigger boots are especially practical in this way. The majority of Dr Martens have leather uppers, so sweaty feet are not an issue. Even those models which have synthetic uppers are made of breathable material.

With a simple care routine using the wonder balm provided a pair of Dr Martens safety footwear or boots will last years. In the UK it is even possible to get the air sole replaced or repaired. The warranty provided only covers defects, not wear and tear, but stitching can be repaired at a good cobblers. A pair of Dr Martens will last most wearers several years.

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