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PC protection is one of the important considerations one should take up while using a computer. These days PC protection has become a challenge as the viruses keep on growing and infecting various users around the world. Many people spend loads of money on buying Anti virus to protect their PC. But most of the people cannot afford to buy these complete versions of Anti viruses as these are too expensive to go for.

But having internet security is very important these days as these viruses play key role in stealing personal information such as identity, bank accounts and stuff. So one should be keen on having their PC secure. There are various Free Anti viruses available on the internet which is capable of preventing malicious viruses from infecting your PC. So one should make use of such availability of free versions.Not many of the Anti viruses are reliable in complete threat prevention but some of the good ones are better to be used. Some of the good Free Anti virus versions available are:

AVG Anti-virus Free Version: This is one of the best Anti virus indeed providing reliable protection from various malwares, viruses, ad wares etc. This is available as free version and comes with options such as updating its databases every now and then hence keeping the security upto date.

Avast Home Edition Free Antivirus: This also one of the best free Anti virus version available in the internet. It is efficient in detecting almost all the viruses and it does not heed the performance of the PC upon its use, so it is widely used now a days as it has got very good reviews from its users.

Kaspersky Online Security: This is also one of the best online securities available which can spot almost all the risks and threats such as viruses, Trojans, worms, mal ware, ad ware and many more. But this is found to slower the processing speed of the PC while in use so it is not preferred. But if you have got a fast PC then should go for it as is very good online security and works very efficiently.

Norton Anti virus: This anti virus is widely used as it provides legitimate protection from the latest threats of viruses and Trojans. Many people use it as it is a well known online security provider.

There are various other Free Anti virus versions available for download which are also good enough. But each of them vary in their options they provide and their efficiency. You should choose an efficient and easy going anti virus suitable for your PC which is care free.

So one can read various reviews of the respective Anti viruses and choose accordingly. So if your tight on your pockets go for these Free versions of Anti viruses as these take only few space of your hard disk and few MB of download.

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