Don’t Just Buy Any Cheap Tire

What’s A Cheap Tire?

A cheap tire is not always a low quality tire, in many cases it can be a quality tire sold inexpensively. The trick is to find a quality tire that is on sale for a very cheap price. One thing that you have to remember is that you have to use the correct size tire for your vehicle. If you just put any cheap tire on your car or truck you run the risk of having your vehicle run improperly.

Today’s cars are a lot different than the cars our fathers drove. You know the old family four-door sedan with mismatched tires and rust on the quarter panel. It seemed that no matter what you put on for tires it still ran the same. One reason for this is the mechanical and electronic systems had nothing to do with your tires and how your car ran. Today’s cars have certain OEM specifications that allow for very small tolerances when it comes to the type of tire you can use. If you were to put a cheap tire on your car that didn’t meet the specifications for your car you run the chance of changing the data your car receives from the wheel sensors and your car’s braking system’s computer. This can be very dangerous and is not recommended.

One big problem people face when buying a cheap tire is that they often get the wrong size tire because that is all that is available at the time. Just because you find a great deal on a cheap tire doesn’t mean that you can put any old tire on there. The most you can vary the size of a tire is a recommended 3%, especially if you have an all wheel drive or a four-wheel drive vehicle. These power train systems have been calibrated specifically to distribute relative forces to each wheel individually. If you put an undersized set of cheap tires on a vehicle of this nature you run the risk of serious mechanical failure or even worse you run the risk of serious injury.

One last consideration you must take into account if you purchase a cheap tire is the speed rating on the tires. Each tire has a mandatory speed rating so you know at what point it becomes unsafe to operate your vehicle. If your tire is rate S then you know that this tire is safe to operate at speeds up to 112 miles per hour. Now normally you wouldn’t be driving this fast but this is just rated at the top end of the speed spectrum.

The best advice you can be offered if you are looking to buy a cheap tire is to know what you need and then start looking for the right tire for you vehicle. Don’t get sucked in by a fast talking salesman into buying a tire that you know is not the right tire for you just because it is a cheap tire.

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