Don’t Get Scammed By A Bad Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide

Ask any gamer and see what happens when talking about Starcraft because of the rich history of the game. Even though it’s an old game, the game is still very popular. Finally after a long wait, Starcraft 2 is sure to be a hit with RTS fans. When you have a game this deep, a strategy guide will be very useful if you want to compete. While a lot of free information exists for Starcraft 2, your best bet will be a paid guide. Free information tends to help you get past beginner level game play, but then that’s it. To truly master the game, you need to seek out the masters.

To be honest, the best way to get better at Starcraft 2 is to practice, practice, practice. But even the best of us need a coach. Regrettably you do not have time to read every guide there is. You are better off buying just one really good guide and spend the rest of the time developing your own strategies in-game.

If you have the passion for raising your level of gameplay and need a good guide, think about the following:

Are the writers of the guide really top level players or just writers? Beginners are likely to find some benefit from an official guide, buy they can’t help you reach the mental framework needed to become an advanced player. Try to uncover who is really writing the guide and confirm that they really know what they are talking about. Better still, find a guide that is written by a group of players at the top of Battlenet.

Does it give you particulars above and beyond things anyone can figure out after a couple games? You only need a short time to google Starcraft 2 strategies to figure out which unit beats which. Spend a little more time and you will find some decent build orders. Do yourself a favor. Use the strategy guide that has what you need to develop the skills an advanced player will use, like hotkeys and detailed unit counters.

Is this strategy guide going to tell you the techniques of the best players on BattleNet? This could be the number one consideration. The difference between a good player and a great player is that the great player is flexible in their thinking and are able to handle an unexpected situation. To remain in the bracket you are in right now, just follow the standard strategies everyone knows.

When Blizzard makes updates for the game, will the guide include new content about the update? Even though it’s unpopular with some, Starcraft 2 is being split into three parts. Make certain what you are spending on a guide will still be valuable later on if the game mechanics get an update or if another part is available. A guide worth buying will have video replays to show you what you need.

If you buy the guide does it have a forum for players who are really interested in becoming a top player on BattleNet? It’s often the case that some of the best new ideas get revealed on a message board since gamers love to debate. It’s risky using in a real match tips that could well be worthless, but it’s still food for thought. Buy the strategy guide that helps you share information a community of good players.

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