Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Gold Earrings

Unless you know what to look for it can be easy to fall for fool’s gold. This is why if you’re looking for long diamond earrings, you should find out exactly how to tell the real from the fake.

Gold is an asset to jewelry makers from all walks of life who make everything from rings to necklaces. Women of all ages adorn earrings, as they are a favorite piece of jewelry, and some earrings can be quite elaborate! Earrings are some of the most commonly sought after accessories.

As gold is such a precious metal, “fool’s gold” became a way for some to make a quick buck. Today’s high tech production methods produce some pretty convincing fakes, too. It’s getting harder to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not, and many women have been scammed out of lots money. If you’re looking to buy some gold jewelry, then being able to recognize fake gold can keep you from spending all your hard-earned money on junk.

The quickest and easiest test you can do is bite down on the gold. Gold is a malleable metal and as such it should be possible to quite easily mark the gold with your teeth. More upmarket fakes however will be gold layered, as such the bite test will not work. The bite test can also be fooled by lead, as it is soft like gold. You should be wary of lead as it is poisonous to people if consumed.

Possibly the best way to tell if gold is real is to test it to see if it’s magnetic. Gold is not magnetic at all. If you find it to be attracted to a magnet, you can tell without a doubt it’s a fake.

A person who has senses that are tuned in will be able to defraud fake gold. All they have to do is feel of the surface. If the surface is slick or has sharp edges it usually means you can call it a fake as well.

Buying from a trustworthy and respectable jeweler is one of your best lines of defense against scams trying to sell you false gold . As they wish for there good name to remain intact, and offer many repeat sales and services, they will only provide quality gold jewelry. Places that do not offer any type of money back guarantee, and especially with an “all sales final” policy, should be avoided at all costs. Certainly don’t try to purchase antique jewelry that the seller claims is made of gold if you are not completely sure that it is … leave the antique gold investing to the professionals. If you are considering this, at least find a friend or family member that knows a good deal more about gold before you run out and by those antique earrings of “gold.

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