Donating Clothes To Charity

Do you sort through your wardrobes from time to time or do you hoard all you ‘old’ clothes for years and years? Some individuals never, ever throw out any clothes. Maybe they are waiting for them to come back into style or maybe they are hoping to lose enough weight to get back into them. However it might be a good idea to have a regular clean-out, but do not throw those clothes away, donate them to a charity shop or a church bazaar instead. By donating clothes to charity, not only will it give you more room, but you will be helping to raise money for charity as well.

Additionally, you will be giving someone else the opportunity to obtain good quality clothing at a knock-down price. By donating clothes to charity, you will, in effect, be recycling your clothes and doing your bit for the environment at the same time.

When you are donating clothes to charity, they have to be spotless, complete and undamaged. Check that there are no buttons missing, that they are not ripped or stained. Some of the bigger charity shops also take other household items too such as books, ornaments and furniture. The same applies to these articles with regard to quality.

There is a broad range of charities for you to pick from when donating clothes to charity. For instance, there are: shops owned by: Dr Bernardo’s, The Salvation Army, Oxfam and Shelter and churches and the Guides and the Scouts are always organizing jumble sales and bazaars.

It is wrong to think that the only people who use these charity shops are the homeless and the destitute. People from all walks of life visit charity shops on a frequent basis hoping to pick up decent clothing or unusual articles and the money they spend on these items of donated clothing provides a quite large and recurring income for the charities concerned. They have come to rely on this significant source of revenue.

Some communities also hold special events like a ‘Winter Coat Drive’ where people in the community contribute a new or used coat to the distributing organization, which then redistributes them to the needy. These drives can be aimed at all age groups, but they usually target children as the most innocent of the needy.

There are many sorts of organizations that accept charitable donations of clothing. For example, there is another one that accepts smart ladies’ business clothing. The idea is that when women want to come off welfare or begin a new life after being in an abusive relationship, they can have a suit for their job interviews.

So, you see, whatever your political beliefs or wherever your social sympathies lie, there are organizations that will suit your charitable ambitions. In fact, a lot of people find the gigantic charities like Bernardo’s and Shelter just a little too large and a little too impersonal so they prefer to give their spare clothing to a local charity that helps local people.

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