Dogs Are More Than Pets

Dogs are known to be real social pets. They prefer to be around us all the time or be around other animals especially other dogs. The dog related closely to the wolf has the nature of being in a pack. This helps us understand why naturally the dog has the trait to be our best friend. Affection and companionship are what our dog is looking for from us. Being attached to his new family of humans, the dog leaves behind his instinctive behavior to be part of a pack of dogs.

Most dogs that become pets become dependent on their owners. Where in the wild they would naturally have to find food for themselves and their offspring, in a pet-owner relationship, a domesticated dog now relies on his owner to feed him and provide him with relative protection and shelter. He becomes accustomed to feeding times and being rewarded for good behavior and disciplined for bad behavior.

If you want a successful relationship with your dog you need to train them or have them trained. If your dog is not trained it can act in unpredictable ways. The dog can become a danger to himself or to others. Some people use a dog training school to teach them how to interact with their and be firm without being abusive.
The best way to control your dog in public is the use of dog collars leashes. Using a leash allows you to restrain your dog in public or just give them some direction.

The main purpose for the leash is to keep the dog under control when you are in public places. The last thing you want is for your dog to bite or attack someone. You can get leashes in many styles, sizes or colors. You can even get nylon leashes that are adjustable.

There are dog lovers that are opposed to using dog collars leashes because they feel its inhumane to tie the dog and keep him restrained with straps around the neck. They feel using the collars and leashes for long periods of time cause undue stress on the dogs body and continued use could cause long term damage.

Most people however understand that in public places at least such restraints are necessary to make other people feel comfortable around dogs they are not familiar with. And if a dog and his owner are well trained on the proper use of a dog collar leash the risk of injury is greatly minimized. To accommodate both lines of reasoning and at the same time provide adequate protection many leashes are designed with the dog’s comfort in mind.

Dogs offer their owners more than just protection. It is very easy to form a strong loving bond with any pet, but especially with dogs because they are so loyal and responsive to our care taking. So we should do all we can to make them feel comfortable and provide them with a home where they feel safe and wanted.

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