Dog Training Basis: Puppy Training With A Side Of Socialization

A top dog trainer might cite your dog’s ancestral behavior when he explains the need for puppy socialization. Dog obedience training cannot be ultimately successful unless your puppy is exposed to many different situations, because her nature has taught her to be fearful of the unknown. This is one of the reasons that wolves live in packs.

Your dog’s nature marks him as a predator, but he has rarely had the opportunity to rest comfortably at the top of the food chain. Historically, he’s had to fear strange creatures and unknown situations, for his own survival and the survival of his species.

In many cases, fear of strange situations can morph into bigger problems: like life altering, fearful aggression. Many dogs who growl, bark, and bite do so because they are fearful, and deem strange places, people, and situations worthy of defense.

For these reasons, not excluding the safety of your family, neighbors, other dogs, and your own dog, it’s important to start socializing your puppy as early as possible.

From her eighth to her sixteenth week, she’s like a sponge, absorbing the world around her. During this time, you’ll have the unique and fleeting opportunity to show her that the world is a fun place.

When you picture your life with your adult dog, what do you see? Whatever activities you desire, do those things with your puppy, plus more. Here are a few suggestions:

Expose your puppy to children, so that she can learn to view their quick movements and shrill voices as nonthreatening.

Take your puppy for rides in the car.

Stroll through nature, so your puppy can experience the sights and sounds of chipmunks, birds, etc.

Take pup to the dog park or to dog obedience training schools, where she can interact with other dogs.

Walk in a town or city, so he can develop a tolerance for car horns, motorcycles, trucks, bikes, other dogs, and crowds of people.

Drop in at the veterinarian office, groomer, pet store, and kennel, even if it’s simply to visit, and encourage the staff to interact with your puppy.

Find those places, like banks, home improvement stores, and pet retailers that welcome pets, and patronize them with your puppy in tow. Take advantage of the dog treats that are offered to shape your puppy’s positive view of these places.

Use the clicker puppy training tips you’ve learned to reinforce bravery. If she remains calms in spite of thunderous noise or stranger’s hands, click and reward her confidence.

If a loud noise startles her, or if a stranger’s hand causes her to back away, do not comfort and pet her. She will view this as reinforcement for her fear. Instead, ignore her behavior and reward her when she’s displaying confidence in the face of a scary situation.

If your puppy shows fear of a stranger, or another dog, never push him into that situation. Allow him to stay back, while you display your own confidence. Soon, he will take a cue from you, and will approach. When he does so, calmly and fearlessly, you can click and reward.

Often, dog owners aren’t able to find the time or the physical energy to get their puppies out into the world. In these cases, it’s important that these dog owners invite visitors to their homes to meet their puppies, and that they hire a dog walker or top dog trainer to escort the puppy on jaunts around the great wide world. If these measures aren’t taken, the puppy will grow to be a reclusive dog who is fearful of visitors, vet visits, etc.

As part of training puppy, get your little guy out of the house. Every time he meets a new person, or sees a new landscape, he adds another bullet point to his resume, which will quickly build to showcase a confident, friendly, dog.

You know how it feels to walk into a party full of people you don’t know. It can be disconcerting, and can cause anxiety. Your dog experiences these same feelings in unfamiliar situations, so make it your mission to introduce your puppy to the world, early on. Your dog obedience training success, and your dog human relationship, will thank you.

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