Dog Coaching – Ways To Teach A Collie The Right Way

Probably the most famous collie in history is Lassie. I doubt seriously that there is anyone who hasn’t heard about Lassie.

In the Lassie come home motion picture and in the TV series, Lassie was so smart that she appeared to be thinking and reasoning human in a dog suit.

Everybody who has ever seen the film or a series episode probably wishes that they may have a dog just like Lassie. Lassie must have saved Tommy’s life 100 times!

Like any other collie ever born, however, Lassie was born into this world without any abilities at all. She wasn’t housebroken, and she had no clue what obedience was. She definitely failed to know any tricks, which Tommy was, or how to save him on camera. She was trained! Everything that you see Lassie do on the screen, she does as she is being TOLD what to do. She does it because she has been trained.

Collies really are a smart type of dogs. Because they’re so smart, collies are simply trained. The training that you choose to give your collie puppy will be the important factor of just how well behaved and how many commands that your collie understands. You can have a superb and loving pet that’s well trained without needing to spend 24 hours per day for two years on training. You can also have a dog like Lassie – IF you have got the time, patience, and techniques to train your collie.

Most collie owners are completely delighted to have a dog that just knows basic obedience, but other collie owners are drawn to the show ring, agility, rally, obedience, care work in infirmaries, and more! What your collie can do is limited only by the time, patience, and training that you provide!

The AKC version of a collie isn’t the same as the collie that you know as Lassie. The dogs that play Lassie are bred to be larger than the AKC standard. The AKC Collie breed is smaller and lighter by 10 to 15 pounds, and the standard for markings is different also.

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