Does The Xbox 360 Towel Trick Really Work?

If you have been desperately trying to find a fix for your Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death (RROD), or 3 Red Lights, then you should have stumbled upon the Xbox 360 Towel Trick at some point during your search.

You must have wondered if the Xbox 360 Towel Trick really works or even safe to try.

The Xbox 360 Towel Trick really does works but the bad news is that it is a risky method that may turn your Xbox 360 console into a useless lump of melted plastic. Read on to find out why…

The Xbox 360 Ring of Death is widely rumored to be caused by the disjoint between the heat sink and the motherboard due to the wearing of the connecting solder. The Xbox 360 Towel Trick comes in to solve the problem by overheating your Xbox 360 to the extent that the solder begins to melt back and restores the connection between the two hardware components.

The Xbox 360 Towel Trick exposes all the components in your Xbox 360 console to high levels of temperatures – not just the solder. This is very dangerous and risky as other heat sensitive components such as the CPU and the GPU that are not built to withstand heat may be permanently damaged. You may even possibly cause a fire!

Please think twice if you are even considering to give the Xbox 360 Towel Trick a shot. This method has been widely used by Xbox owners around the world and it is known to be only a temporary fix. When your Xbox 360 console cools down back to the normal temperature, you will face the three flashing red lights all over again.

So the conclusion is…

Don’t try to fry your console for good with the Xbox 360 Towel Trick. Download the same James Dean 3 Red Light Fix guide that I used to fix my Xbox 360 and you’ll never have to worry about the Red Ring of Death again.

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