Does Smoking Cessation Laser Therapy – Is It Proven Effective?

There are various methods and products available that can aid you to cease smoking and one of it is smoking cessation laser therapy. You must have read the statutory warning in the pack of cigarettes that cigarette smoking is injurious to our health. But still, people are continuing with this bad habit and waste their money. There are lots of social awareness programs nowadays making smoking somewhat unacceptable. But even when the smokers are trying hard to get out, they are finding it very difficult to get rid of this habit.

The way the acupuncture is done in our body, the laser treatment is done on similar lines. Low level laser is given in the areas of acupuncture. The result will be stimulation of the nerves and that will produce endorphins. This will further reduce the cravings for the nicotine and therefore makes a great stress reliever. Many developed countries have accepted the laser therapy and the same have been successfully put into practice. With the stimulation of the points, the actual nicotine urge is removed from the body. One can also find too much of relief in the withdrawal symptoms. Is the smoking cessation laser therapy actually worth it?

In the medical world, there are symptoms related to what happens when you quit smoking. These symptoms are termed as withdrawal symptoms and are synonymous with anyone who had decided to give quit smoking a try. Well, these side-effects can be both good and bad as well. The negative symptoms include ulcers in mouth, severe headaches and giddiness, and unable to concentrate for a longer duration of time.

Also, such companies have never done any kind of analysis of the laser and therefore people are not aware whether the theory is successful or a complete failure. Another problem area is the follow up procedure. Once the treatment is done, the companies do not bother about the follow ups at all. So, whether the smoking cessation laser therapy has guaranteed results or not, the laser treatment is still under the scanner.

Now since you aware of what happens when you quit smoking, it’s advisable that you continue it for the better. Learn to be in a positive state of mind, for the well-being of the body. The bad phase remains only for some days and then returns to normal with a healthy body. Your teeth stains vanish and the smoking stink that emanates from you also goes off. Apart from these things, the important thing is that all the diseases pertaining to smoking gets milder in comparison for example, there is reduced risk in heart strokes, blood cancer and lung cancer.

After all the problems, one strong point you must consider is that there are no medications required in this. Additionally, the smoking cessation laser therapy can also be utilized for any kind of severe nicotine addiction.

Dave Gwueddy, former smoker, discusses the steps one must take to quit smoking. Read more about Uk marriage visa quit smoking product and Uk marriage visa what happens when you quit smoking.

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