Does Bark Off Work? Here’s The Proof

Bark Off is the latest dog silencer to hit the market and being an As Seen On TV product has gotten it a lot of buzz. Ever since the commercial hit the scene there has been a lot of controversy about the product and many want to know, Does Bark Off Work.

A lot of people would love to try it because of those times when barking dogs in your home or even in the distance can be be disruptive and annoying. So if there ever was a time to just flip a switch and enjoy some peace and quiet, now may be your chance.

Often times, before you buy and item like bark off, you can find a news reporter like KIMAT’s Troy Barrett who will test it out so you don’t have to. Let’s see how it did.

Now the test took place with a local radio talk show host named Jeff Phillips from 610 KONA-AM so this is not some salesman trying to tell you that the product works. It is real person who let’s assume can be trusted.

Phillips was eager to try it out ever since he heard about bark off being talked about on the radio. His problem was that he had some neighborhood dogs that barked and he too owns dogs that bark. Not a rare problem by any stretch.

So Philips gave permission to try it out on his dogs to see what would happen. Here’s how it went. Barrett stood on the other side of Philip’s fence and the two dogs started barking and were very excited. Barrett turned on the Bark Off and after a couple of barks, the dogs left the scene. This was pretty impressive. They pretty much quieted down and backed away.

On the second attempt the results were similar but this time they noticed the neighbor’s dog was also reacting to the device. Just to make sure it really worked, Barrett tried one last time after the dogs were separated just to rule out that one of the dogs was just following the other’s behavior. Again, bark off was successful in stopping the dog barking.

These results were a pleasant surprise for Philips especially because he said his dog Coco was a particularly persistent barker. Based on the tests and Philip’s feedback, Barrett and the KIAMTV news time gave the bark off a buy rating. Not too many products get such a rave review.

So for folks suffering with dog barking issues this is also great news. Why, because this solution works and it is very inexpensive. Bark Off costs only $10 so investing in your own experiment will not set you back much at all.

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